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  1. Oh it’s sounds so amazing.
    I love the unschooling. I tried too hard with home school making them do actual school work.
    Because what’s family thought I should do.
    I think if we ever get in the position to travel more we will defenatly use unschooling as the option.

    I love this post it sounds sounds like your travels are so enriching.

    • I think every home educating parent is guilty of trying to replicate school in the beginning, finding unschooling has been the best thing for us as a family.

  2. This is the best description of unschooling I have ever come across. I never really understood it until now. Also well done for having the patientience to explain everything and look everything up! That’s the most exhausting part!! So fun to watch your adventures! I’m glad we got to meet you in KL!

    • Thanks so much for reading, glad it helped you gain a better understanding of unschooling. So happy we got to meet you guys to, hope you’re all well.

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