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Eco Friendly Handmade Drawstring Storage Bags

When we depart the UK to travel the world with our girls they will be packing some of their favourite toys into their rucksacks. A priority for me is making packing at each destination as smooth as possible and ensuring that none of their beloved toys are lost in the process.

So to make our lives easier and organise the chaos we have made these cute little drawstring bags. These will store all of their toys inside their backpacks. There are multiple uses for these little bags, we thought they would make a great eco friendly alternative to gift wrap for birthdays and Christmas. Handmade with love, and can be reused after, perfect.

Drawstring Travel Bags

These are super easy to make, versatile and don’t cost much in time or money. To make two small bags like ours you will need; 1 fat quarter of fabric and 140cm of cord (70cm per bag).

The girls chose these sweet fabric fat quarters from our local haberdashery The Fabric Quarter.

Drawstring Travel Bags

Firstly I folded the fat quarter in half and ironed the fold. The next step was cutting along the crease so we were left with 2 pieces of fabric.

Drawstring Travel Bags

I then stitched a hem around the sides, it’s important to do this step before sewing the sides together. After I’d finished hemming the fabric I folded the top down about an inch and sewed along the fold to create the top tube to feed the cord through. Next, I folded the fabric in half and sewed the open side and bottom together, taking care not to stitch through the open holes of the top tube where the cord goes.

The last step was to thread the cord through the top tube and tie it in a knot to create the drawstring.

Drawstring Travel Bags

I just love how these bags have turned out. They took no time at all to make them and they are perfect for keeping the girls toys organised during our travels.  I love the idea of making a heap of these and using them to gift presents this Christmas.

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