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  1. Great blog post guys. Having left the UK in August 2018 to travel the world like you guys are going to, we have always been conscious about what damage we do and how to counteract that as a family. We used the bamboo toothbrushes but they went mouldy…. We are yet to find a replacement in the countries we have been so when we hit the US, we will make purchases. The metal straws are great! Our kids love straws and on our travels, so many places dish them out silly nilly. Even in north America. It seems the UK and parts of Europe lead the plastic use reduction. We had a metal drink bottle but believe it or not, that went mouldy too because it's hard to clean. When we can order one off Amazon, we will. We also love Lush. We stock up when we find somewhere because in some places we visited, it is so hard to find similar products and we really discourage using anything that is harmful to ourselves but also that isn't vegan or cruelty free. We are a vegan family and being vegan helps the environment in a large way. For starters the average vegan uses far less water than that of someone who eats meat and dairy. It has been researched that someone who has been vegan for 1 year saves 50 years worth of shower water! Crazy. The transport of livestock and livestock food hugely impacts the environment due to fossil fuels being burnt. I could go on, but you get where I'm coming from!

    Great to see you guys thinking about these things and I am certain you'll be thinking far more when you start travelling. Your eyes will be opened and it'll be great for the kids to learn more. The UK seems to be ahead compared to some countries we have been to but the efforts could be so much more!

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