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Family Travel First Aid Kit Essentials

Staying safe and healthy is, and always will be, our top priority when travelling around the world with our children.

I usually have a stray plaster and some soggy tissues lurking around in the bottom of my bag, but because we'll be visiting some relatively remote places I need to be a bit more organised than usual. So I've invested in these first aid essentials for our trip. I haven't gone crazy as I know we'll be able to stock up in pharmacies whilst we're away.

These are just the basic essential items that will see us through.

I purchased this nifty little first aid bag to keep all of our kit in. It's small enough to not take up much room in our daypack and is like a tardis inside with little pockets to fit all of our stuff.

And here are the bits and bobs inside our little bag...

1. Pain Relief Medication

2. Travel Sickness Bands - We have these ones for the girls.

3. Gavisgon for Ava who suffers from Reflux sometimes.

4. Tiger Balm (Red & White) This stuff is the bomb when it comes to pain relief. I use the white for headaches and Will uses the red for muscle strain. We love this stuff.

5. Incognito Zap Ease bite and sting relief zapper

6. Plasters and Wound Dressings of various shapes and sizes

7. Microporous tape

8. Skin Closure Strips

9. Anti Bacterial Hand Gel

10. Antiseptic Cream

11. Activated Charcoal. We don't use Immodium for tummy upsets as these store the bugs in your system, we prefer this recipe which flushes out the nasties naturally. We don't use re-hydration supplements either, as pure apple juice works just as well and tastes nicer so the children prefer it.

Hopefully being fully prepared with our little kit will help us deal with any little hiccups as they occur.



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