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Full Time Travel Family: 1 Week to go

Today, January 1st 2019, marks the start of an epic new year for us. It also marks the start of our 1 week countdown. This time next Monday we will be making our way to London, and boarding our flight to Dubai.

This is the first flight of (hopefully) many, many flights in 2019 as we journey around the world with our kids on an epic family travel adventure.


Over the festive period, as our departure date draws ever closer, people have been asking us how we feel. It's difficult to explain. We're not stressed as we feel we're as prepared as we'll ever be. We are excited, but not in a jumping up and down kind of way. . . yet. We're not scared. We have a few little worries, mainly about how the girls will manage, but they're very adaptable so this isn't a huge concern. We're a little sad to say "goodbye for now" to our friends and family, we know we'll miss people lots, but we will see them again one day.

It's just all a bit strange, like we're stuck in limbo. Maybe the emotions will catch us by surprise at the weekend. But today, today we're just a bit "Meh! Is it Monday yet?"


We've been reflecting on the blog, and our social media channels lots. The main reason we share is for our own benefit really, we enjoy documenting our memories. We also share because we want to inspire people and show them that anything is possible in life. We are not wealthy people. We are a working class family from a small city in England. Therefore we don't have a huge travel budget. We think it will be interesting to show you guys if we can manage to travel on our £30/day budget (wish us luck).

We don't have huge expectations. We will sleep in hostels, and eat cheap local food if means we get to experience paradise.

We will work our socks off doing any job we can (we're not career snobs) if it means we get to spend longer in a place we fall in love with.

The reason we are doing this is to spend more time together and to experience as much of the world as we can.

Many of the family travel blogs we have come across stay in luxury hotels, and share highly edited and polished photos and videos. As much as we appreciate the effort and beauty in these. It is not our style.

We will be showing you the raw, messy, crazy beautiful unedited side of travelling as a family (none of those backwards hand holding thong bikini Instagram butt shots from us - sorry we know that's disappointing, ha!).

So now it's time to drag our tired  hungover bottoms into bed, ready to begin the great packathon tomorrow, we'll leave you with these sentiments.

If you do anything in 2019, make it this. Be brave, be bold, follow your heart and don't be afraid to shake things up in life.

If something doesn't work, who cares!? It's better to try something, than regret not doing it.

Don't listen to negativity. If we had heeded the advice of every negative comment we'd received we would never be going off on our adventure in 6 sleeps time.

Don't be scared to be selfish. Obviously we don't mean be nasty, always, always be kind. What we mean is don't put off doing something you really want to do because someone else doesn't want you to do it. It is your life, you only get one, so live it the way you want to and don't give two hoots about what anyone else thinks.

Happy New Year Everyone!

We hope 2019 is your year to do wonderful things.

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