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  1. So so sad.
    I think your doing something important sharing this. And I think that the little changes we each make do add up.
    Thanks for opening eyes and minds and hearts. Xx

    • Thank you Nina,
      I hold out hope that all the little people doing little stuff will add up to huge changes in the world
      Natalie x

  2. Hi guys, I feel this with you and send you love and light. You are not alone and yes the small stuff does matter. My friend and I have just set up a facebook group called plastic free lincoln. We are affiliated to surfers against sewage and are going for plastic free community status for Lincoln. Join us on Facebook. You’ll be pleased to know that lincoln had its first climate change March yesterday, it was awesome!!! The revolution has started!!!

    • Thanks for this lovely comment. We’ll definitely give your facebook page a follow. We had friends who participated in the March, we were with you all in spirit! Vive la Revolution!!

  3. I hear you on this – I felt so hypocritical while travelling. Have you thought about using water filters? We used one for part of our travels (a platypus maybe?!) and it helped prevent us from using so many plastic bottles. It’s crazy how many you get through! We didn’t have a family then however, so I’m not sure how practical it would be for you? You sound like you are doing brilliantly, and remember that every person that hears you refuse single use plastic or sees you refusing it will be influenced by your actions. It may not make them change their ways immediately, but will perhaps plant a seed. Keep on doing what you are doing x

    • Thanks so much for your reply, we have tried filters and purifying tablets, but sadly just not an easy option when the girls just need a quick drink of water. We’ll just keep plodding on and hoping that lots if us ‘Little people’ can work together to make big changes.

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