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Not Back to School!

So this week we got back into the swing of things if you like. We never really got out of the swing as unschooling means we just carry on doing our own thing right the way through the summer holidays. The only difference being daddy is at home with us.

The girls really struggled the first half of the week. They argued constantly, snapped at each other, and were tired, teary and cranky. Which by the end of Tuesday made me tired, teary and very cranky. When we got down to it whilst snuggling and apologising to one another at bedtime, they just really really missed their daddy.

Wednesday soon cheered them up when we met our lovely friends, and had an amazing day of play. They ending up climbing into the water feature and pouring buckets of freezing water over their heads. A proper not back to school celebration.

I haven’t shared a Day in the Life post recently, so I thought it would be fun to do one, once we had become used to not having Daddy around.

We started the day by baking cookies first thing. The girls are really competent at measuring ingredients now, and understand how to bake safely. I only have to get the ingredients out of cupboards and read the recipe to them now which is lovely.

We have also started using coconut sugar as a substitute for the naughty refined stuff. The girls are loving talking about nutrition and understanding what sugar does to our bodies. My dad had type 1 Diabetes, which is hereditary. So I am really conscious of how much sugar my girls consume.

The finished cookies were supposed to last us for a couple days, but I am ashamed to admit we polished off the lot by bedtime. Good job we used coconut sugar!

After the cookies were baked we headed into the home ed shed. Big Bean picked this game out of the literacy drawer and asked to play it.
I saw this idea on Pinterest a while ago and copied the idea. I can’t link to the original idea because I can’t find it, but I think it is a Montessori activity.

Basically the girls have to match the objects to the words. I have four sets that increase in difficulty. Big Bean particularly enjoys this activity. I’ll have to make some new ones soon as they’re getting too good at it.

We then played KLoo Zoo, which is a sentence building card game that I picked up on Amazon. It’s a really good game to encourage them to build sentences, and then read them back.
Afterwards Little Bean picked up our bird book from the nature corner. We all adore the illustrations in this book. Inspired the girls asked to paint some birds.
Little Bean painted the Blue Tit which is a perfect copy of Matt Sewell’s actual painting in the book. Big Bean painted this Flamingo at the water hole.
Still inspired by the birdies they asked if we could sculpt some birds from Fimo Clay to put in the nature corner.
When this activity came to a natural end the girls played with the magnatiles for a while.

Soon after Daddy came home from work so they went for a run with him whilst I cooked tea. On their way back they bumped into their friend from down the street and went to her house to play. So tea was postponed until 7pm when they came home.

After such a late tea they were all tuckered out so went straight to bed!

As you can see the simplest of days at home are often the days when we seem to achieve the most. I love our unschooling life and the freedom it gives us all.


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