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Our Bucket List Family Travel Route

We’ve spent weeks working on it, and we’ve finally drawn up a loose plan of our family round the world trip. We use the word ‘loose’ as we’re not going to be living off an itinerary, or following strict timetables. Nor are we booking all of our flights and accommodation in advance. We’re very much playing it by ear and following our instincts as we experience what each destination has to offer. We might like some places a lot and want to explore for longer, or we might not really enjoy the vibe of some places and therefore move on sooner than we planned.

So today we popped the wall map on our bedroom wall and pinned in the destinations. The first thing you’ll notice is there are no pins in Africa, Europe or South America. This isn’t because we don’t want to visit these countries, it is merely because we have bigger future plans for exploring these continents (mainly involving a future dream of living the van life!). So we’re viewing this as family travel trip round one.

We should also point out that we’ve only popped in pins where we’ll be flying, so in South East Asia there should technically be more pins, but we’ll be travelling overland in much of it rather than flying.

When compiling our list and making our plans we all sat down as a family, and talked about places we want to visit and things we want to do. We asked the girls about things they wanted to experience, the main things were focused around Orangutans, Elephants and Archaeological temples and ruins. For us when researching we talked about our dream destinations, and then went on to research places that are safe to visit with kids, as the wellbeing of the girls will always be our highest priority.

So here it is the list of Countries we plan to visit on our adventure travelling round the world with kids:

1. Dubai

2. India
3. Sri Lanka

4. Malaysia
5. Hong Kong & Macao
6. Philippines
7. Vietnam
8. Cambodia
9. Laos
10. Myanmar (Burma)
11. Thailand
12. Singapore
13. Indonesia
14. Australia
15. Fiji
16. Tonga
17. New Zealand
18. Tahiti
19. USA
20. The Caribbean

Obviously within each of these countries we’ll be visiting and exploring as much as possible, and documenting our journey on here and our social media channels. We are so excited now things are starting to feel very real, and we’ll be booking our outgoing flights in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile if you have been to any of these countries and have any recommendations about places to visit, excursions, or places to stay. We are on a tight budget so will mainly staying in family hostels (no five star hotels for us, unless we’re sneaking in to use the pool for the day)! In particular we are looking for some local charities in each destination so we can immerse ourselves in the culture and give back any way we can. So if you can help in any way please drop us an email.

 “We have nothing to lose and a world to see”

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