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Summer Day in the Life

Today was hot, I mean for the UK it was basically tropical. We all woke up sweaty and with little energy because the heat has been making it so difficult to sleep at night. Today was another day where we have stayed home and the pace has been slow, so it feels like we haven’t really accomplished much. When in reality we have done loads today.

I thought it would be nice to share how we have spent this hot sticky summers day.
Wild Wandering Tribe | Travel Family | Unschooling

When the girls woke up they were still very lethargic (as was I) after an unsettled night for all of us due to the humidity. After we waved daddy off to work they played some games on their tablets whilst I made breakfast and a cuppa.

After we’d munched our breakfast and woken ourselves up the girls asked if we could do some watercolour painting. We’re currently waiting for our caterpillars to transform into their chrysalises so we’ve been looking lots at butterflies. The girls have been enjoying playing with these life cycle models, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to paint the butterfly lifecycle.

After this we held the caterpillar pot to our ears to listen to them munching, they are very noisy! This prompted lots of questions about butterflies and caterpillars. So we had a look on the tablet at some tropical butterflies and read some butterfly facts.
Wild Wandering Tribe | Travel Family | Unschooling
After this the girls had a fruit snack and played in the garden. It then got so hot it was almost unbearable, so we built a den in the home-ed shed. We sat in there and read lots of books together, drank ice cold fizzy water and ate some almond and raspberry cake leftover from fathers day. This simple pleasure of reading in a den was pretty much the best part of my day.
Wild Wandering Tribe | Travel Family | Unschooling
The girls asked if we could go for a bike ride. I then stupidly decided that I would run whilst they rode their bikes around the field. It was so baking hot that I immediately regretted it, but i pushed through and the girls loved riding in the sun – in their swimming costumes I might add. The best part of this for me was on our way home when we tipped our drinks over ourselves.
Wild Wandering Tribe | Travel Family | Unschooling

On a side note I would like to add that I adore how free my children are and that they feel confident enough to go out in whatever they want. Even if it means biking in swimming costumes.

When we got home we retreated indoors for an hour. Had lunch, then the girls sat naked in the living room fanning themselves whilst watching a mermaid programme that they are really into at the moment, whilst I had a shower and did some household chores.

We then headed into the baking hot home-ed shed and painted some clay butterflies and caterpillars that we made last week.
Wild Wandering Tribe | Travel Family | Unschooling
Then the girls did a page of a maths workbook. I keep these on the shelf for them to dip in and out of whenever they fancy. Today they wanted to do a page, so that’s what we did. These workbooks are from Schofield and Sims and have a really simple approach, plus they don’t cost a fortune.
Wild Wandering Tribe | Travel Family | Unschooling
The mega heat then got to us again, so we headed back outside (it was cooler out than in today!). The girls got out there chalks and started drawing on the path (a regular activity). I remembered that I found some mandala stencils when I cleaned out the shed the other week. So I dug those out and we spent about and hour and a half designing mandalas. Whilst we worked we talked about Hinduism and Rangoli patterns and Hindu gods.
The drawings then turned into mermaids (as usual).
Wild Wandering Tribe | Travel Family | Unschooling

When this activity fizzled out, I went to get us more cold drinks and snacks. When I came back out the girls were building houses from some mega blox that were in our shed.

It was soon time for daddy to come home from work so we played in the garden building houses and cars. Then it was tea and rainbows for Little Bean.
Wild Wandering Tribe | Travel Family | Unschooling

She made her rainbow promise this evening so we had to go watch. Whilst we waited we had a walk around the Cathedral, just Big Bean, Daddy and I. Had an ice-cream then headed to watch Little Bean make her promise. It was very sweet.

When we came home we all watered the garden, bounced on the trampoline, and munched biscuits. Before they both headed to bed, hot, sweaty and tired.

I am so happy that we had a relaxing day. The thought of being stuck in a hot classroom with a stuffy uniform on sounds like torture. Why be there when you could be in your swimsuit playing all day? Playing in the sun, but most importantly learning whilst you do it!


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