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UK Blog Awards 2019 #UKBA

Something wonderful has happened… my little blog has been nominated for a UK blog Award. Eeek!

Wild Wandering Tribe | Travel Family | BLOG
Wild Wandering Tribe | Travel Family | BLOG

I started this blog about a year ago when we started unschooling the girls. My aim has never been to make money or to get likes and follows.

I write because I find it cathartic and I enjoy sharing our memories and stories. I always feel incredibly humbled when people contact me to say that my words have helped them with their parenting and helped them when making decisions to lead a more fulfilled life. I enjoy writing and I enjoy helping people, this little blog does both, which is amazing.

So please, if you do enjoy reading my posts, give me just 2 minutes of your day to cast a vote by clicking on the link below or the picture. I would really appreciate the support as my little blog is up there with some amazing bloggers, we’re talking big guns here!

Thank you so much for reading and your continued support, it’s overwhelming and humbling and I will forever be grateful to have you here in my little space on the web.


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