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What We’re Packing for our Round the World Trip with Kids

It's official, we have packed. It only took 6 hours, 1 stubbed toe, a bag strap whipped into eye socket, too many tears, and approximately 2738101 arguments!

But we've done it, the most tedious of tasks is complete and now we can relax. If you're curious about the contents of our backpacks then read on friends.

This post is the epic finale of a series of posts aptly titled "What We're Packing". You can read the others by clicking the links below to see what we have already packed.







Once you've digested those you can read more below to see a compehensive list detailing the other contents of our backpacks.


The actual backpacks that we decided on, after hours of research and trying on in the shops, are the Osprey Europe Farpoint 70 and the Transporter 130.

We chose these because they are big enough to hold all of our stuff, comfy, easy to carry, plus they open like a suitcase unlike most of the other backpacks that are top opening so require you to cram everything in. This makes them so much easier to pack. The Farpoint does say 'Men's' but I preferred this to the 'Women's' style and actually found it easier to carry.

My mustard rucksack is a Craghoppers Compresslite 16litre. I love this bag, it folds up small, yet is tardis-like inside, and is perfect for me to carry around day to day.


In terms of clothes we have kept it to a minimum. I won't bore you with an intimate list as I feel clothing is such a personal choice. We each have 3 packing cubes in a particular colour. Red for me, blue for Will, Pink for Bonnie and Green for Ava. Ava & Will have managed to fit their clothes into 2 packing cubes. Bonnie and I have struggled to fit ours in the designated 3, what can I say, we like to have many outfit choices! We have only packed 1 pair of shoes (sandals) each,  and the other pair will be the trainers that we'll wear to the airport.

I also bought extra packing cubes to hold all the other bits and bobs. Honestly, packing cubes are a game changer/life saver. We have been using ours for years whenever we have gone away. We roll everything and put our stuff in the cubes. Then all you have to do is chuck them in your luggage. When you need something quickly (inevitable with kids) you know exactly where it is because of everyone having a particular colour.

We use these ones, which are durable, breathable and the zips don't bust on you.

We're big on the ocean in our family. The girls adore snorkelling and sea kayaking. so we've come prepared with our snorkels. We have these Zoggs ones, and the girls have these Cressi snorkel sets. We've packed our snorkels inside our Ocean Pack. This is a waterproof, floating backpack to carry our belongings when we're exploring the water. It will double up as a bag to store wet, dirty clothing. We've also packed some Pac-a-Macs for any downpours.

We purchased a BuBm cable organiser which is a life saver. It neatly holds all of our charger cables and plugs, I've been a total geek and labelled each section so I know where everything goes. This travel adapter is the best one we found on the market. It is universal so can be used worldwide by just sliding a button. It also has a USB socket so you can charge multiple appliances.

I highly recommend you investing in some security items if you're off on a backpacking adventure. We have opted for the following.

RFID Travel Document Wallet - holds the all important passports and bank cards, whilst preventing against fraudsters "skimming" your data from the contactless technology within.

Pacsafe Wrapsafe Cable Lock - We're on lots of overnight train journeys, and slumming it in some hostels so we've purchased these cable locks. It means we can lock our backpacks up at night and hopefully sleep soundly knowing we've taken the necessary precautions against theft.

The rest is just toiletries, travel scales and the CamelBak. I must also mention that Will has obviously packed his running gear (insert eyeroll here).

So that's it folks. We have packed, the big round the world adventure is just around the corner for us now. We are feeling excited, nervous, happy and incredibly grateful.

It;s strange looking at our pile of bags in the corner of our room. This is our everything, all that we own is in these backpacks. I hope it's enough to safely carry us through our journey.

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